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Attido Mobile, formerly Ravensoft UK, is a UK based multi-platform mobile app developer.

Part of the Attido OY group, the UK team has recently grown in size to ten members and completed work on projects such as the Jubilee Time Capsule, worked with RE:Systems to create an app for the BT London Live Festival and seen own brand apps reach a milestone of five million downloads, be nominated as ‘App of the week’ in I.T. industry website The Register and featured in The Sunday Times.

Attido’s latest app, PassWallet – the first cross platform mobile app that fully supports Apple’s Passbook ticketing format – has recently been updated to support push notifications using Google Cloud Messaging, allowing passes to be updated remotely by the provider, bringing the app in line with Apple’s Passbook.

PassWallet brings all mobile tickets and vouchers together in one location on a smartphone. Tickets have a unique barcode or QR code that will be scanned by the retailer in lieu of a paper ticket. Tickets are automatically sorted by date of use or expiry and the most relevant is shown on the lock screen.

Attido partnered with companies in Zurich, Taiwan, San Francisco and Hong Kong to create the updated cross platform app. The international collaborations came about when Attido gained media attention as the first company to expand support for Passbook outside of Apple devices and were approached by other companies working in this space.

The app is available on Android and BlackBerry with Windows Phone and Nokia Symbian platforms to follow. It has currently had around 70,000 downloads with numbers increasing as more companies start using mobile ticketing.

Successful collaboration projects are not new to Attido, having working with Manchester companies Capsool on the high profile Jubilee Time Capsule project, a public collection of text, images and film taken throughout the Queen’s reign, commissioned by the Royal Commonwealth Society.

Andy Nugent, director at Attido Mobile, said:

“Mobile ticketing is continuing to grow in popularity and more mainstream retailers are adapting to this demand every day. With smartphone market share growing for Android and other providers, we are dedicated to maintaining parity of usability with Apple’s product for other platforms through our PassWallet app.”

For more information, please contact Andy Nugent: / 07967 611924