Accessible Events

The Accessible Event Promotions Android app that allows users to search for all accessible arts, community, cultural and leisure events in the North West – for example cinema screenings with subtitles or art exhibitions with sign language guided tours.

Available on the Android platform, it is currently being developed for cross-platform use.
Andy Nugent, Director at Ravensoft, commented: “We were very pleased to be approached by AEP to develop the app.

“We think this app will be an incredibly useful resource to many people and look forward to further developing it to include events all across the UK.”

Mickey Fellowes, executive director at AEP, added: “We chose to work with Ravensoft because they immediately recognised how important an app like this could be.

“The app has gone far beyond what we hoped to achieve. It has given us the potential to reach far more people, particularly those who don’t use computers.”